For the twelve constellations of the derailment is what experience?

管理 / 2019-06-05

Love, two people together to guard.Both single-minded but also affectionate, need two more tolerant of each other.But there are people derailed, derailed for twelve constellations is what experience?  Aries: Aries do things fresh is often heat for three minutes, even with the object can not stand the temptation.Sometimes the derailment is plan a fresh, freshness gone over.  Taurus: Taurus impulse has always been very honest, this kind of thing would have been unthinkable derailment.But when people are always impulsive, if not brought under control it will break the bottom line .  Gemini: Gemini stimulus is not a law-abiding man, where to loneliness?With a man with a long time, how are tired of.So look for derailment stimulation, Gemini is necessary.  Cancer: Cancer guilt of people are very kind, the kind that usually do not dare to do bad things.If you accidentally derailed, it will be filled with guilt Cancer, we will continue to want to make up for this mistake.  Leo: Leo vanity playfully really do not care about such things out is not derailed, derailed but can satisfy his vanity, to prove that he is very attractive, very popular with the opposite sex welcome.  Virgo: not admit the possibility of derailment very stubborn Virgo is very small, probably only in case of drunken insanity will occur, but even occurred Virgo is killed will not be recognized.  Libra: Libra is ambiguous conceal objects has been a lot of derailment of the scales is not really a big deal.Libra but even derailed, it will not recognize, but will choose to hide, after all, not a bad name for himself.  Scorpio: Scorpio as freshmen affectionate, derailed unlikely.Unless this relationship is really almost come to an end, Scorpio might derail to vent, there is the feeling of rebirth.  Sagittarius: Sagittarius fun yearning for freedom, derailed just a fun thing for them only, and is not really a big deal.Do not make a fuss.  Capricorn: Capricorn guilt super responsible derailed once, the heart will be filled with guilt.Not only does decorum, but will redouble compensate each other, want to reduce the hurt, to make up for their mistakes.  Aquarius: Aquarius freed not like the feeling of being constrained by the derailment, Aquarius can feel the sense of freedom a long absence, it makes the bottle very excited, and perhaps addiction.  Pisces: Pisces lure of willpower is very strong, especially tempted.If anyone has been to find ways to lure Pisces, it will one day be successful.Pisces is because it is easy to be tempted to go off the rails is also reasonable. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source