Derailment of the feelings you need to restore it

管理 / 2019-06-07

Love is never a fair thing, there will always be a man love each other more than the other person in a relationship there, and even the other derailed so they are willing to go to save a relationship.Then the derailment of the feelings you need to go to restore it?Test to know the answer, let’s take a test to be a love it.  1, when you choose to work at first to consider the problem?  Payroll development space → 2 → 4 vacation → 3 2, you will pay your card to their other half keep it?  → 4 will not look at the situation → 3 → 6 3, you will choose what kind of exercise do?  → 4 → 7 Running Swimming Yoga → 5 4, you are a right paycheck to paycheck?  Yes → 6 → 7 not occasionally → 8 5, when someone casually mess you take something you will get angry?  Will not be angry angry → 7 → 8 look at the situation → 6 6, you will often miss the life you?  Yes → 9 → 7 not occasionally → 10 7, if people take the initiative to help you, how would you do?  Ask them to dinner to help him next time → 8 → 10 does not matter → 9 8, the love inside you is what kind of position?  Dominance disadvantage → → 9?Equity position → 10 9, because you love the person and the family quarrel you?  → B will not look at the situation of → d → 10 10, what for you, you most unacceptable thing is?  Be deceived friend → B → A betrayed wife lost love →?Test answer: A, absolutely do not need to save face in love you always tougher and overbearing, dominant is absolutely no way you accept your other half you have to hide any thing.When you find your lover derailed you will not have any pictures, because they derailed proved they do not love you.Strong self-esteem you will immediately choose to end the relationship.  B, you will not retain is a relatively pursuit of perfection, whether in life or love above above are the same.Your pursuit of perfect love, so when your lover derailed you are not going to retain, because this relationship there have been flaws.Even if you are like each other, but you will leave the other decisively, you will find people to love you more.  C, may retain when you face a period of derailment of the feelings when you are likely to retain the.You are a very soft-hearted person, always will be remembered feeling before and choose to continue your partner.You always sensual mood is easily affected by the above, unless the other party is really put you severely injured, you will choose to leave.  d, you’ll save when you face a period of derailment of the feelings when you would go to restore the.So you have always been more active party in the love inside, for you, the person you like is very important presence.Even if the other party betrayed you, but still a strong dependence you will choose to stay, because you are completely inseparable from the other side of the state.The first constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.