Beat rival defense of love

管理 / 2019-06-08

How can to defeat rival?How to protect the lives of their fruit of love it?In fact, very simple oh.One day, a little small because you quarrel with a friend.Although both sides are to be punished, but it seems that major error in your.In order to ease the awkward atmosphere between you and your friend, how would you do it?A, as sincere apology, admitted that he spoke too far.B, waiting for friends to apologize to you.C, apologize to a friend admitted that he was wrong, but also a friend to apologize to you.d, calmly say hello to a friend.Test results: select a person: you are winning way with rival emergent own femininity.Instead, you can easily become opponents of women, mostly strong character, their male colleagues who.You do not have to care about her initiative to express themselves in front of him, just trying to sharpen their female charm.Select B’s: Do you cry by showing their strong character and strong will of a showdown with rival.Your loved one because you are persistent and you feel a sincere, maybe even your opponents will be amazed at the stubborn and out of you avoid fierce competition in the method of use repel rival, but maintaining the rational way.Upon the occurrence of conflicts in love, very easy to lose your head.And if a competitor, not to remain calm heart.But if you can work to get over this difficulty, you will leave a sensible, mature female image in the hearts of loved one.Select d people: you show it to everyone friendly and amiable attitude enough to repel your enemy.Faced with this you, your opponent will gradually eliminate hostility to you.You could relax in each other, unaware of the case, secretly approaching towards him.