Sinking get people

管理 / 2019-06-09

Sinking get people [záоjǐngdérén], metaphor hearsay, exaggeration, then passed around and lose the real meaning of the original.The state of Song surnamed Ding, is not well at home.Cook, pour vegetable garden, have water.His family had a labor camp, outside the village to carry water every day.Later, at home, surnamed Ding played well, very convenient water.Surnamed Ding telling everyone: my chisel a well, a person had equal.Three biographies of two words will pass away like, say: Ding drilling dug a living here.The more mass the more surprising, more surprising the more mass, and eventually reached the ears of Songguo Guo Jun.Songjun sent officials to investigate Ding.Surnamed Ding said: I say is equal to chisel a well had a workforce, not to say a living from the well dug Come.Ding family home in a method of saving a sinking labor for themselves, outsmart this approach is worth spreading.But the words in which the masses have spread changed appearance, and eventually sinking Ding dug a living here.What can not be seen to be believed rumor is one thing.Do not believe the rumors information brought before the whole matter is not clear, perhaps not the facts as described above rumors.A little their own minds, do not follow gossip with their own biased thinking.