Sharp tongue, heart fooling softer three constellations

管理 / 2019-06-10

IQ say the couple fell in love straight line, some people like to make love, quick to Dances little emotion, brain odds, but some people own the other half is enough to accommodate the mouth, although toxic, but their hearts are soft mess.So zodiac, sharp tongue who does?Fooling softer heart?  Cancer Cancer in general did not temper, but most people do not like to limit them, I do not like anything too successful.For them life is flawed perfection.Defects exports soul.They are derived from the happiness of those small things.For example: see the little animals on Heart mercy; clean up their homes, plants and flowers Yang Yang.Like a lot of self-pity like their Cancer lick wounds, they never thought to say what others guess.Although the mood volatile, not to express their love, but it is definitely best to coax.  Libra tangled scales considered a better coax constellation, why do I say?Because the scales at heart there is no much assertive, as long as the basic convince him that what happened even if passed, he basically does not mention.But we must remember that annoy him up on the spot to coax him well, do not drag, dragging on the end of, his heart tangled tangled going to trouble you, and you now have to accompany him trouble, he can not be hanging in there, believe me, you sincere point, two hours to get!  Pisces Pisces For this small male child grow up just like, there are what matter as long as you are willing to coax TA on nothing big problem, and that they cool down after a while, the mood comes and goes fast.Pisces is a little angry, if they get angry or disgruntled with you, and that ten thousand eight hundred wanted to let him fool you, he does not like you coax Well, do not say anything, then fine bars nor talk about truth, he would boast good-looking, he said the best! Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source