Invulnerability people

管理 / 2019-06-11

Liu two gold and four cattle are a pair of gamblers, long ago lost money owed loan sharks.In order to get money for gambling win back their money, they actually kidnapped a 4-year-old boy.That evening, they gave the boy a sleeping pill irrigation, took him to the district early step on a good point.The area under construction, no one lived.They took the boy climbed to the top floor.Liu two gold opened the door and looked inside, scared almost called out, come by outside the building through lighting, vaguely see I was surprised that a man!The man was astounded, stammered: I work at night I pass by here, come look easy, which go, go so Liu two gold Duzaimenkou curse: fart!So late, you who believe climbed to the sixth floor designed for a piece of piss?Say!In the end you are doing?!Then cattle is also holding four boys walked in, the man suddenly nervous: Two Big Brother, we interfere with each other, when I did not see anything, you let me go two gold Liu Xinyi Heng, to cattle four winking.Cattle four immediately take the hint, put the boy on the ground, also drew a knife from his waist, the two men together unto one forced in the past.The man exclaimed: You want to do?Do you really dare to kill?Liu two gold Hey sneer: Brother, you do not blame us, to blame blame you unlucky today, the bad thing I two nearer, seeing the man retreated to the front window and could no turning back.He anxious, Moqi a steel pipe bent to the ground, desperate to pull a posture: You Do not push me, otherwise, I polite friends!For a time the three who does not speak, are lurking around watching each other’s every move.I do not know how long this stalemate, Liu two gold some running out of patience, said to him: Brother, our boy is kidnapped over, his father has plenty of money, the trail is to see those who have a share of the rules, it is better to see the man did not speak, Liu two gold that moved for him: you want to divide a child, took the boy to the results, so that we in the same boat, who would not sell what I do not know who the boy when woke up, tearfully said to the man: uncle, I beg you, do not kill me, you want money, I asked my dad to give you beg you looked pitiful children, the man seemed too harsh he Pooh soon, Liu two King said: I need the money, but for the money I kill, do not kill me dry!Liu two gold angry, fiercely scolded: Bushitaiju things, let you full of good things to bad, today vapid break the death, and I will kill you first!Then we should rush with a knife.After the scream, however, that good man, Liu two gold but fell to the ground writhing in pain, it seems to be a knife hand off the cattle four do not know what happened, to see Liu two gold fell to the ground, he like a frightened beast, against that man with a knife stabbed in the past.That man no time to dodge, four cattle abruptly knife stabbed in his stomach.However, the pair of bang, knife actually broken into two parts.Cattle four and stood.The man picked up the pipe, his head is against it, the cattle four fainted on the spot while the boy was hiding in front of this scene completely stunned, and so the man took out his mobile over the police report, he Da mouth yet close.After a long moment, the boy was careful to ask: Uncle, you do Superman?He shook his head to see, do not believe the boy, asked: Why do you invulnerability?Men seem to have anything too awkward, wry smile touched the boy’s head and said: while the police went to the uncle have to go his words have not finished, the boy pulled his hand: No, uncle, I do not let you go, you go, what should the bad guys to bully me downstairs this time siren sounded, and soon several police officers rushed to Liu took two gold and four cattle.The boy took the hand of a policeman excited to put things just exaggeration to say it again.After listening to the police, some do not believe, I came to ask the man: the little guy say you are Superman, but let me ask, why you can bulletproof.The man wry smile, the police said something.After listening to the police, the boy walked in front: the uncle ah, he is a superman, to fight against the bad guys, good guys to help the boy rushed straight man thumbs up and shouted: Superman uncle, you are awesome!After the boy was taken away and other family members, the police came and handcuffed to the man.It turned out that as far as he has just explained that he is actually a thief, this area good room row wire, again it out, wrapped in a circle around his body, and then put on his coat as a disguise, the wire smuggle out selling to recommend the latest information sauna