US government agencies are investigating Uber autonomous vehicles caused the death of passers

管理 / 2018-04-25

  When the [World Wide Web roundup UBER automatic driving car 19 am local time in the United States for testing in Arizona, hit the side of the road a woman and cause it died。 This is the first car from UBER automatic driving accident killed people。
  According to the US CNBC website March 20 reported that the US National Transportation Safety Board NTSB) spokesman told CNBC, is investigating the accident。
Arizona governor's office also said that they are communicating with law enforcement。 In addition, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is also investigating the incident。
  According to Taiwan when the electronic newspaper reported, after the accident occurred in Tempe, Arizona occurred, UBER emergency has been suspended from driving all around the country test。   Reuters noted that this was the first person killed since the self-driving cases, may affect the car in the United States to promote the program。   Tempe police said, when the woman was hit by car, walking down the sidewalk outside, the injured were rushed to a nearby hospital after first aid, still died。   UBER car automatic driving vehicle when the collision occurred, in autopilot mode, when there is an operator in the car。   UBER after the accident occurred announced on Twitter, cities across the country to suspend automatic test driving a car, while mourning and to provide assistance to the families of the deceased, and to fully cooperate with authorities investigating the incident。   UBER in Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Toronto, Canada and other places, pilot unmanned vehicle test plan。 Last March, an UBER unmanned vehicle during the test Tempe, was hit by a private car, the car was not injured two officers, but then temporarily suspended UBER test plan。   CNBC reported that the accident occurred a year before, the same is uber autonomous vehicles test projects are in Arizona had a serious collision, but fortunately the accident caused no casualties。 Uber was also suspended the project test。   The National Transportation Safety Board has been involved in the accident Tesla autopilot technology were examined in detail, but the operation of these vehicles and the use of technology or technology being tested Uber there are different。
  For much of the past year, he has been working with the letters Uber's autonomous vehicles the company Waymo lawsuit, it has led to super automatic pilot car business setbacks。
(Internship compilation: Zhou Simin Reviewer: Julia Tan)。