Skelter of the final outcome is what you

管理 / 2019-06-13

Have any quarrel is a normal thing in love, some people quarrel vigorous today, start tomorrow to continue to show affection.But sometimes emotional final consumption to be irreparable, then the parallels in the nature of the final outcome is what you do?Test to know the answer, let’s take a test it to be emotional.  When you’re very hungry, you’ll choose what food to eat it?  A, bread B, milk C, barbecue d, fruit test answer: A, keep walking your feelings is still very strong, regardless of bickering and no amount of separated before, but in each other’s heart inside of you people are identified only other side.You can not forget the other side of good, even if separated can not restart a relationship.In the end you will understand each other is the man they are most needed, adhere to the outcome.  B, pain and happiness can be said that the feelings between you is the work, always like to take a variety of small problems do quarreling some of the tasteless.But the quarrel between you and the separation is relatively short-lived, like a child’s play as soon reconciled.Even your feelings after each separation, there will be further development, then bear fruit.  C, disheartened your feelings is not so tried and tested, both sides may also choose to self-reflection and bow to admit in the beginning quarrel separate, but as long as time goes by more feelings have no way to get through since such a killing.That you love each other, but are not willing to throw in the towel, to eventually give up quietly.  d, love to hate because your feelings can be said to be very vigorous, very tough thing to love, to hate each other hate thing Ganchangcunduan.You all stood his ground above feel that pay the most, but have forgotten how to save each other.In the end you just love to hate, the other as the man who betrayed his own.