Away to go.

管理 / 2019-07-03

  ”Do not move, I will go and so on, if you dare to tamper with, I may lose control of the hands of the sword.”
  Green teeth from the sound to the extreme cold.
  ”You quickly go!I’m not on your hands!”
  Probably about five seconds of time, did not hear any response from the green, and behind the murderous group that has completely disappeared.
  Green centrifugation surprised, suddenly back, which still leaves white silhouette!
  Tai Xuan sword Brisk also leave from the blue from the neck out of the cave, to fly out.
  ”Son of a bitch!”
  Green off just to catch up, but.Scattered body that cloth directly to her happy together, his hands quickly cover your body, squatting down.
  Frowning about to drop water, the bastard, I remember you.!
  After leaving the White leaf, nature is cast dodge fast down the mountain, this woman is really the strength of high-strength, if she is injured, with white leaf surprise, is unlikely to surrender.
  However, so that leaves the white more surprising is that just kill people off the green.
  Even the strength of terror to that extent, this is the first time I felt leaf white people beyond Behind.
  It seems it is time to pay close attention