Big thing in business, they handed down to Chunxiao, and trivial things that Fuchu, or the marriage of Sanye class, they handed down to him, more important, a glance, He says that he acted sophisticated, but now one reason or another but everywhere is a little girl pressed a?

管理 / 2019-07-04

Jiang Chu finished processing a bunch of things, head to be blown up, down resting in bed.
“exhausted?”I do not know when Yao Ji came in, sitting on the bed and whispered.
Jiang Chu growled and said: “Oh yeah.”
“Why on earth have to step the pace so much, give yourself a little time is not right?”Yao Ji was very distressed Road.
Jiang Chu will head pillow in his lap: “it is not.”
“You ah.”Ji Yao helpless chuckle loudly, big hands touched her little face:” It’s too strong.”
Jiang Chu eyes closed muffled said: “I just want a little earlier strong, a little earlier you can help.”
Ji Yao’s hand a little meal, a warm heart will not do: “Ah Chu ” So she did all this, he is to.
“The Emperor is not fast