“East Wind Breaks” the best actress we have to wait to be announced live.However, there is actually does not matter in Shen Meng star, certainly gains can best actor, she can not take.

管理 / 2019-07-05

  But to be sure, Beiming who was prepared two acceptance speech.
  To the red carpet scene, Sheng Qiao go, after entering the venue, had been in the Ming, sat her left hand.No more than a moment Meng Xing Shen came in, her position in the right-hand side.
  They sit among Sheng Joe, really get any cooler.
  User Choice Award is voted out, no suspense, but Sheng Joe took to the podium, when the tall belonged to her trophy took Joe powder are still excited cry.
  This is the first award of her acting career take ah.
  Best actress popular, popular enough to explain everything.She again not the year that anyone can step on the foot black female artist of the whole network.This award, in recognition of her status in the circle now.
  Then there is the best actor and actress, Meng Xing Shen as expected was awarded the best actor, this is the first award after he returned to drama, a lot of money for what is really left with prize of him.
  Turn to the best actress award, his hand, some solemn, when the lens Sheng Joe to give him, found Shen Meng Xing was sitting in her ear what to say, but also gently patted her hand.
  In the circle of people, which of course only encourage seniors to comfort the younger generation,