Taiwan has not been blocked.Of course, this is mainly look at the face of Li Xuan, after all, last year the East semiconductor investment in Taiwan for extra points.But even so, Li Xuan and Taiwan government level exchanges are not many, and Jiang Dagong child will actually met her last year.But rather it is now vice president of ATV Group, Asian films, general manager of the company’s television production and exchange Zhongchu Hong Jiang Xiaowu more.

管理 / 2019-07-06

  ”Li Sheng, what other important people will attend your wedding, you say it had a one-time, the province I live in fear!”Peng Fei after an initial concerns, now calm down, the mood exit the front of the jokes again and again to his admiration of the young.
  US Vice-President, Prince, a case can be two heavyweight guests at the wedding, no matter what the other is with purpose from, the front of the “God of Wealth Lee” energy really simple.Just do not know when one of his close relationship with the US vice president, and how to catch the relationship with Taiwan Chiang?
  By the way, the agency Recent data show that Taiwan intends to introduce in the view from the ATV “Who to Be a Millionaire” program copyright, in Taiwan, as the controlling party is the Broadcasting Corporation of China, and Jiang Xiaowu is exactly the general manager of the company’s wide.Peng Fei quickly clarified the thinking, the Xinhua branch of the level of interest Li Xuan has been very high, but now it seems there are still a lot of places omissions.
  Lee came out from the mansion, Peng Fei could not help fall into mused.After Li Xuan further increase concern, after the Xinhua bureau it is sure to do.But he is now speculation that Vice President Bush to participate in Hong Kong