Sell machine, it is convenient.”

管理 / 2019-07-07

  Lu introduces seventy-one so all the way, arrived at his classroom.
  ”Our class is the largest class of our entire school student, now a total of thirty-three, in fact, are generally about twenty five of our class there before 30, or later turn three.Because our class is not a class studies, choice of domestic college entrance examination, and just before five, count me in, the other four are directly submitted to the school bully, I do not have to submit to rely on God ~~~~~ school champion ”
  ”.”Classmates and the audience was silent together.
  ”This is what you look?”Classmates were photographed, and the land seventy-one hear you ask, and quickly waved their hands,” You must be the champion ah!!”
  [Ha ha]
  [Felt the strong desire to survive]
  [Students really cute ah, we are our teammates ~~~]
  [Students] good ~~~~~
  [And so on, which seems to mix the three teachers.]
  ~ ~ ~ ~ [Good teachers]
  [Classroom more beautiful ah, each table has a computer, a good Niua]
  [Made him look like ah ~ ~ ~ ~]
  Lu seventy-one who did not intend to introduce, directly to their seats, “This is my, the school is equipped, and now need a computer class, who are able to access, but will be locked during class teacher.The big lesson there is that little man answer machine, can use to answer, the answer is in the classroom directly on the computer, teachers can