A small catfish eh, so small, uncle you really have the heart to take it home to catch it?It’s Mother will find it how to do it?”

管理 / 2019-07-08

  Uncle: “Then the mother catch it, we should opt for whole family.”
  ”Uncle you see that the sky round the sun, a lot like the old lady in front of the school bake biscuits, I’m a little hungry.”
  Uncle: “I think you like a bowl of pig’s brain.”
  ”Uncle your hands do not shake, shake put the fish scare it out and see, not any success.”
  Uncle snappily said: “You talk less two sentences into my fish are trouble is you go.”
  Forest Health pursed his lips, “I am not a boring thing.”Funny uncle quite interesting.
  Uncle looked for a moment fishing rod, suddenly said: “Actually quite good character.”
  Lin looked at him eye business field, how he suddenly boast of it between.
  Uncle from his pocket a packet of biscuits, thrown into his arms, “was prepared to feed the fish, you eat.”
  Lin Shenggang is really hungry, no matter what taste this cookie rough or not, fall into his mouth.Fifth greedy eyes are straight.
  Forest Health bit his head, “You ah you, to change to change greedy wrong with it, because the last greedy, almost puppy life is gone.”
  Uncle watched him, very light tone: “You