Own wife to prepare some of their own food and wine, to celebrate the safe return Xue Ye Fu together.

管理 / 2019-07-09

  But now celebrating atmosphere has completely gone, Chen has been immersed in diving death in Chakun really not in the mood to celebrate with them.
  Although he could to save Ye Xue Fu even life are not, but now they really do not mind a little.
  ”Chen diving, you do not be sad, and things have happened, you can not be sad people back from the dead.”Su Qing light: ‘at least he has not died in vain.’
  ”You do not say, I understand.”Su Ching Chen diving interrupted to say:” I am not a child.I do not need other people to help adjust the mood, I’ll solve.”
  ”I’m sorry, all my fault.”Ye Xue Fu really sorry about this, is to die to save her Chakun.
  ”None of your business, he chose death simply because they do not want me on the spot.”Chen did not hesitate to deny diving Road.
  ”What do you say so, I would not have a straight face.”Ye Xiao Yao tentative asked.
  Chen diving just looked at her, he did not want to pout about who, but now he’s really not in the mood.
  ”I know I have a bad attitude before, I apologize to you, so okay?”Ye Xiao Yao also said.
  ”Nothing to do with you.”Chen diving only throw his words.
  Ye Xiao Yao some do not understand: “We have been very moved