Head to kiss her, her fingers de-clothes, “finished?”

管理 / 2019-07-10

  ”Do they still awake.”She ah sound, running around tending to push his hand.
  ”No one heard.”
  Last night was frustrating ruthless, and up in the morning not too uncomfortable feeling.
  Micro Sim have long suspected he gave her to drink those agents, is not just to this = =.
  She thought things come to an end, you can leave, Xing did not agree twilight.
  ”Walk tomorrow, go out and gather supplies today.”
  People find it strange, Wu Jin could not help saying: “It’s near the place to go have been to have no material can be collected, and the weather is good today, wait another day is simply a waste of time.”
  Xing twilight Guadan voice: “Who wants to can go, nothing to do with me.”
  These words have nothing to say directly choke Wu Jin.
  Xin long micro helicopter also remember two people in a coma, to remind him: “Yi Jin Cheng Wan Wan and rice.”
  ”Die on the line.”
  In the afternoon, this decision would have on Xing twilight veiled criticism of the crowd, after seeing a group of soldiers in uniform arrived in the city, looking for survivors everywhere, all of them ecstatic.
  ”The military