Overseas Xi Jinping spoke highly of the Thirteenth National People's Congress in an important speech on the meeting

管理 / 2018-04-27

  Comprehensive news: overseas Xi Jinping spoke highly of the important speech Xinhua News Agency President of National People's Congress meeting in Beijing on March 21 Xinhua comprehensive Xinhua News Agency correspondent reported in the Thirteenth: President Xi Jinping National People's Congress in the 20th Session of the Thirteenth on delivered an important speech, speech highlighting the lofty aspiration of the Chinese nation, sent into the new era, called embark on a new journey, triggering enthusiastic response overseas。   "The chairman's speech shows that learning the history of the Chinese Communist Party strong play, as well as leading the trend of the times, firmly struggle side by side with the people of ethos。 "Brazilian director of China Research Institute for Ronnie Collins said President Xi stressed that the Community concept of human destiny, reflects Chinese leaders heart of humanity, long-term vision Looking at the world, reflects the Chinese people's own future and destiny of all peoples closely linked with the future and destiny of the world feelings, once again embodies the concept of love of China and the world economy。   Worked in China over five years Aalto University Finland Business School Professor Karl Fischer said: "The Chinese people are having great creativity of the great fighting spirit, great spirit of solidarity, the spirit of the people's great dream, I practice these words of Chairman I agree with. "。
  President of Swiss Foreign Correspondents Association, Kenny said, the world has reason to look forward with a great idea of the Chinese people to play a greater role in promoting lasting peace and universal security and common prosperity。
"I believe in the concept of human destiny under the guidance of the Community proposed by President Xi, China's revival and development of the world will be more closely together to achieve mutual benefit and common development.。
"The French Euro-China Forum founder David Ghose said the chairman's speech habits and enthusiastic response triggered by the NPC and CPPCC reflects two important characteristics of contemporary China: First, China's reform and provides a solid foundation for the stable; Second, China actively participate in global governance is being increasingly approached the center of the world stage。
  Mayor of Nagorno-rich city of Dinant, Belgium particularly appreciates President Xi made in his speech, "with greater intensity, more practical measures to comprehensively deepen reform and opening-up" of this commitment。
He said that with China's further opening up of the world are expected to gain greater benefit from China's development。
  National Center for Strategic Studies in Egypt researcher Yi marah says: "I believe China will contribute more Chinese wisdom, the Chinese plan to make the world to share China's development dividend。 "Israel's University of Haifa Department of Asian Studies China relations scholars Ephron said, Chinese efficient and decisive in the formulation of policy, ability to solve a very difficult problem to solve before, more important mission completed。
  President Xi stressed in his speech the idea of building a community of human destiny, director of the Committee for International Studies in Islamabad, Pakistan Chaudhry said this, not only for the welfare of the Chinese people, but also to promote each country, each region and all mankind Develop together。
  Kenya African think tank Institute for Democracy and Leadership Executive Director Cody said, Chinese leaders stressed the concept of human destiny community expressed a strong desire to pursue peaceful development of China, it reflects the firm belief of win-win cooperation between China and countries in the world。
He said the unprecedented opportunities "along the way" will build along the country's economic and social development。
  Lao Meng Ya County Magistrate Yang teeth grid that President Xi pledged to continue to promote "along the way" building, Meng Ya old people to build confidence in the success of the railway, the railway of the future with confidence。
  A senior fellow at the Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences Far East 莫克列茨基 said President Xi again in his speech referred to "all the way along the" building has become the world significance of the development plan, its construction results will be shared along the National People's。
  Professor of international relations at South Africa's University of the Witwatersrand Shelton said, China's poverty reduction achievements in human history second to none, African countries can learn from and learn experience。