Believe me really back!”

管理 / 2019-07-11

  She noted himself “eclectic” dress, suddenly some blush, she pulled into the body of the denim jacket and whispered: “I know it’s embarrassing.You can not ask for help when I mention it?Bali Luo under the laws of the country, near the Luo Fake island without permission is illegal behavior.”
  Donna and Yu Ze just do not want to complicate the issue, agreed to her request.
  After landing pier, clutching his chest Julian quickly stopped a taxi was about to leave empty.
  Her fancy dress and Yu Ze □□ upper body is very challenging people’s acceptance, together with Donna also squeezed into the back, all the way drivers look curiously looked at this strange trio from the rearview mirror.
  After the taxi left the dock, gradually opened on the city boulevard – the so-called Avenue, only the equivalent of a small residential road to Beijing.
  Donna lying curiously watching the strange city on the window.
  Aside from the exotic European architecture and brilliant sunshine, the degree of development here is like a small town to Beijing around the same, hard to imagine, this is actually the capital of a country, where the royal family.
  Julian in the car and ask the driver what had happened the last two months.
  ”You ask what?I can tell you, all day