Information you?Those are your direct messages in the trash.”

管理 / 2019-07-12

Rothschild then react, this really is his next command, because many shareholders have repeatedly urged, to pursue people want to make Rothschild initially caused the accident, but Rothschild has been very protect their own relatives, and in his view ru money is simply defective, since rich and powerful doing to wear like a naughty baggage, do not go out with not even a bodyguard, I encountered this kind of thing is not entirely deserve Well!

His sister do not want to be held responsible, but also those who Landelikuai Board, Rothschild these days is all the information directly to the mail has been done to clear, to a sight for the net.

Hands in power for so many years, Rothschild completely unexpected, even that he could no longer be so in a little time it seems small, let him complete gutter capsize.

Wait until Friday, when Rothschild came with a man menacing shareholders’ meeting, even before Andrew, then very profound meaning, but arrogant as Rothschild, completely regardless of his attitude, he himself in the hands of the ZM twenty-five percent stake in the company, the most important is the support of his two veterans, the equivalent of Chelsea’s shares have been here about 40 percent of these shares