Arrived?”Jiang Chu climbed from his arms up to his neck Gouzhao.

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“Ah, probably looks bright after day,” Yao Ji stroking her face, looked at her: “Are you afraid of it?”
Jiang Chu croon heard, raised his head: “I’m afraid?What I’m afraid I have xianggong!”

194 Chapter Banquet?

Azusa imperial touring the state capital, by water, the emperor’s Mifune way line, is welcome Baiguan knock, people lined, natural movement is earth-shattering, Azusa state capital tomorrow to go to the emperor’s news, today the entire state capital is already Azusa boiling.
Wait until the next day early in the morning, the emperor’s imperial boat into the boundary Azusa state capital, it is incredible the.
Jiang Chu was awakened may sound of voices outside, looked out of the sky, clear early, actually has become a lively airs.
“Mrs. awake?”Spring came in carrying wash things.
Jiang Chu rubbed his eyes: “When will this ah, how noisy outside like this.”
Spring smiled and said: “Lady do not know yet, as if to say that the emperor to let the peaceful town.”