There are a lot of people know Joe filled in with Meng Shen studied acting star, called him teacher.But for the friends and the media gossip, the meaning of every move represented not so simple.

管理 / 2019-07-14

  The final best actress went to another artist of the large female controls drama, Sheng Joe heart can not say disappointed, small loss is still there.Meng Xing Shen looked at her glances, low joked: “Ming who set the hotel, where the dessert done well, can be heard eat sweet people feel good.”
  Joe smiled and nodded Sheng.
  Awards ceremony ended, the two men left together, Beiming a pedestrian who drove to the hotel.
  Although the missed regret for best actress, but at least there is a popularity award, all very happy, between laughter, no one noticed afternoon from the styling studio all the way to follow the paparazzi at the moment still hiding out.

Chapter 147
  Close to eleven in the evening, a line of people out of the hotel, on the train, the first to send back Joe Sheng.Beiming know where she recently lived Horch home, reported the address with the driver’s side.
  Meng Xing Shen asked: “Moving up?”
  Sheng Joe a little bit embarrassed, Beiming who glanced at her: “Horch live there.”
  Meng Xing Shen knew what the two exchanges from Beiming Savannah, heard that they have to live together, a bit surprised to pick his brows, Actually, I’m saying what.
  At night to reduce traffic, followed by his