The reason behind the increase Li Xuan wedding.

管理 / 2019-07-15

  In this regard, Li Xuan is also very helpless, outsiders have such a distinguished guest to attend his wedding, nature is a very proud thing.He can even guess May in Hong Kong, all the news media will certainly be a carnival through his wedding.
  But Li Xuan to this level, without going through has been distinguished guests, to emphasize their extraordinary strength.Even if Bush and Vice President Prince Charles does not come, Hong Kong who would dare underestimate him the “God of Wealth Lee”.He has a wealth has more than 10 billion Hong Kong dollars, either his decision could affect the development of the electronics industry in Hong Kong, any new topics associated with him is able to bring a newspaper to sell large.
  It can be said Li Xuan influence in Hong Kong has been horrible enough, no need for others to give yourself endorsement.Instead of these uninvited guests soon, Li Xuan hand to bring a lot of trouble.For instance, he must be the first time the mainland and do communicate, in order to avoid misunderstanding.
  The purpose of the British Crown Prince to Hong Kong, obviously ulterior motives.Diana is known as the Princess of civilians in the world have been crazy pursuit, Hong Kong is no exception.She is such a popular princess, and her husband suddenly appear together in Hong Kong.The beautiful love fairy tale come to Hong Kong, the British royal family will no doubt narrow the distance and the general public of Hong Kong.
  Li Xuan even suspect that the reason why Prince Charles came to Hong Kong to attend his wedding, who is not specially arranged behind the Iron Maiden?Thereby, showing the degree of popularity in the United Kingdom in the Hong Kong government to the mainland for the next rally negotiations with China.
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