Side must also have a lot of boring people like me, to accompany them to talk it.”

管理 / 2019-07-17

  Forest Health bite of biscuit action of a lag, this time the phone rang, he saw a video call from Ji Yao ceremony, busy pat the crumbs palm, press the answer key.
  ”Ji brother?”Lin-sheng directed at cell phone camera, called the gas so loudly.Next to someone, he was embarrassed to shout too loudly.
  Yao Ji ceremony looked just finished work, pulled it off tie, shirt with buttons is a loose, exposing sexy collarbone, Lin-sheng eyes see straight.
  ”what are you doing?”Lin-sheng press the hands-free, low-ceremony Yao Ji magnetic voice.
  Lin-sheng put the camera next to his uncle’s favor, “I and my father fishing with it!”
  His remark, uncles and Yao Ji screen in the ceremony were shocked.
  Uncle face masks to take down, Yao Ji ceremony said the sound: “Dad.”
  This soon confirmed the identity of the gardener’s uncle, is the gift of the father Yao Ji, chairman of the group’s discipline, but also Ms. Cui’s husband, Ji Chengzhi.
  Ji Lin-sheng father looked at his eyes, pondering, “how come I recognize?”
  Lin-sheng touched his nose, “is half Mongolian half guessed it, there is no one you said your dad and son’s eyes like.”In fact, not a mask, mouth and chin is found