Rothschild is enough to lay the parts ZM company Shuoyibuer uncrowned king.

管理 / 2019-07-21

Andrew has long been sitting there, not many people throughout the general meeting of shareholders to participate, but all of them have a stake in the hands of five percent above the company ZM.

Rothschild sat down, facing Andrew cold smile, haughty and asked: “What do you say?Already begun.”

Andrew shrugged, “Do not worry, we have a new shareholder is not to, and then wait for him.”

“The new shareholder?”Rothschild mind flashed a bad idea, he was caring around, sitting on the entire board of directors who are familiar with him, and how there will be other people?

Andrew reveal a meaningful smile, “Yes, in this incident, to become a new company one of ZM.”

Rothschild hearts surprised and bewildered, but he thought his side still has a forty percent stake, and immediately relieved down, “just anyone.”

“Good, president of courage.”Andrew smiled and clapped his hands, looking at the direction of the door, he smiled and said:” People like us come.”

Rothschild with some disdain look back, but to see is an unexpected figure.

From the corridor altogether