After much talking, the river will be carrying a bow Tan read out of school, went away, it seems a good mood, but also walking and whistling, attracted the attention of many boys.

管理 / 2019-07-22

  White leaf helpless smile a cry, a reference to read with Tan Creek for dinner, always feel that there will be good things happen.
  Out of the classroom, she came to the school gate, to see the leaves can be cleared.
  Ye can clear the locals, so no luggage, carrying only a bag of leaves White said..
  ”Hey, leave my mother gave me to find a place to play, you want to do together?”
  Ye Qing can not wait to see the leaves would have been very white, but white with jade is like gone good, like, all of a sudden become very concerned for white leaves, leaves can clear it is intolerable mother’s nagging, we can only come to ask.
  She had to go to the provincial capital to play very good, but also to study the river’s house guest, if go with this guy, convenient place is too much.
  White leaf directly rejected, “No, I have something.”
  After much talking, leaves White left the school.
  He refused to see so simply, leaves can clear almost angry.
  Bushitaiju guy!Give you the opportunity to travel with me and you do not know to cherish!
  Ye can clear air