Jiang Chu heard is surprised jaw almost fell off: “What?!”

管理 / 2019-07-23

Although she knew the emperor to Azusa state capital, at least half of the reason is directed at Yao Ji come, can come to this town to go straight to peace, is not it a little too direct?
“Slaves outside listening to the news says so, I do not know is true or false.”Early Spring Road.
“Grandpa does?”
“Grandpa played a long, fall asleep in the yard it.”
Jiang Chu quickly wash hastily dressed, and hurried out the door, went to the yard, and she saw Yao Ji had to fall asleep in the courtyard, tools and try sword will be like the snake in his hands in general, has chosen also with sharp murderous, Ji Yao practice of the time, the yard did not dare I looked around, afraid that much of the energy shock to Jianqi.
Jiang Chu was not afraid, he walked around the corridors sat down not far from the edge, waiting for him.
Ji Yao Jianfeng a close, he stopped, came up to her, slightly bent over and see her sitting on the corridors: “how played so early?”
Jiang Chu from the sleeve to come up with a veil, raising his hand to wipe rolling down his forehead sweat