Charles Li Xuan not to participate in the wedding as an excuse to come to Hong Kong, Li Xuan certainly sit back to watch.But now Li Xuan had to be caught up in the trouble, it really is not a good thing!

管理 / 2019-07-24

Chapter 231 interesting scene

  Lee Peng Fei from the left, the night wrote a report sent to Beijing.Britain’s Prince visit to Hong Kong, this is not an ordinary thing.Traditionally the British royal family to visit Hong Kong, will the Government inform in advance the Xinhua bureau.
  Hong Kong is a sensitive issue for Britain and China, the mainland government has never recognized the legitimacy of British colonial rule in Hong Kong.The last time Queen Elizabeth II visited Hong Kong in mid-1975, have been subjected to strong protests from the Chinese side.
  Before mid-1949, Hong Kong is not so important in the territory of the empire the sun never sets in the British politicians rarely concerned about Hong Kong.But after mid-1949, the number of mainland Britain in order to avoid provoking the government, the royal family and cabinet are rarely visited Hong Kong.
  The Prince Charles to visit Hong Kong, China did not receive advance notice of the Government.Now is the future of Hong Kong has become increasingly prominent in a sensitive moment, Peng Fei not trust each other no hidden political purposes, but only a simple wedding to attend Li Xuan.
  Peng Fei’s report, in addition to a series of note to report to the center to get there from Li Xuan, also raised hope for application integration in Hong Kong to the central information system.The Government does not like to greet the Xinhua branch, while the Xinhua bureau own intelligence network, also failed to obtain this important information in advance.
  Before the end of the sixties, inland penetration of the Government’s highly successful, then the Mainland