Stool bleeding going on how to do these preventable

管理 / 2018-04-30

The stool bleeding bowel bleeding how the matter is a very common symptom, often body bowel bleeding or a serious disease。 Only a clear understanding of the bowel bleeding how the matter, in order to better control。 Here, together with the small series to find out how it was bleeding on stool bar。 The stool blood in the stool bleeding is how it is commonly found in gastrointestinal bleeding, especially colon and rectal bleeding, but occasionally visible upper gastrointestinal bleeding。
Blood in the stool is blood discharge from the anus, stool, or are all bloody, the color was bright red, dark red or tarry, so blood in the stool is easy to recognize, not to mention the blood in the stool is not serious, and do not produce fear of blood in the stool。 What is the reason a stool bleeding, hemorrhoids: This is the most common form of blood in the stool cause。 If suffering from hemorrhoids, generally in the stool when no pain, blood in the stool occurs or stool, and stool and blood is not mixed with each other, the amount of bleeding sizes。 2, anal fissure: fissure stool time will generally bright red blood, blood or when the toilet paper was wiped guttate dripping, pain associated with anal。 3 on the stool how bleeding going on, digestive problems: gastrointestinal problems will be blood in the stool, showing red or black tarry, generally the most common gastrointestinal bleeding, gastrointestinal bleeding and if the next general color than red。 4, rectal, colon polyps: This stool etiologies generally no pain, bright red, blood and stool isolated。