Hi, emotional originally also is in an unstable state, now sister stimulated, there is a normal emotion: “roll on roll!Anyway, you all right now!I do not need to worry about.”

管理 / 2019-07-27

  Ye Xiao Yao Having turned away.
  Xue Ye Fusi mM did not stop mean.
  ”Do not so be it, was originally a happy thing, why should it anyhow?”Bi Ying Ye Xiao Yao quickly stopped.
  Ye Xiao Yao sullen: “Happy Now it?No one happy, because I’m here, so no one happy, I’m gone, I’m gone you will naturally be happy.”
  ”Diving, today everyone’s mind very nervous, some emotions are inevitable.”Wang Yong said:” You say a word, let everyone calm down.”
  This time, perhaps only have effect if Chen diving.
  Chen diving silent for a moment before finally opening.
  ”Fairy, I’m sorry, my emotional problems.”
  Ye Xiao Yao, although still screw around with small temper, but not in the clamor to leave.
  Everyone finally have a seat, the wife of Wang Yong, acting like nothing had happened, like, smile to the people serving.
  Although we have shown a “happy” side, and yet are clearly not like what appetite.
  When Ye Xue Fu learned Chakun identity may never be able to find out diving Chen’s secret, he could not put the Chakun