Beads, muttering: “so noisy outside, how I sleep with?”

管理 / 2019-07-31

Yao Ji hook lip gently: “That’s how to do?Another day I’ll be able to repair a soundproof house?Save outside noise to disturb my wife always sleep late.”
Jiang Chu light glared at him, snappily the veil thrown into his arms: “You may have heard?Emperor seems to come straight to the town of peace.”
“The Emperor’s mind would have been difficult to guess, he suddenly claim whatever they want peace town, any accident is not considered.”Yao Ji smile.
Jiang Chu head tilt looked at him: “You can not worry about it?”So the emperor rushed straight to peaceful town, just being is to find his way.
“There is nothing to worry about?”Yao Ji chuckle or two, pressed her little face:” Go, and do not eat breakfast bar?Do not starve the.”
So saying, he took her hand went to the main room.
Just to the main room, but he saw Sun steward came in a hurry: “Grandpa, lady, come out, come, come ”
“What to hum and haw?”