Award ceremony ended, the two couples in also went out to dinner to celebrate the evening a pedestrian drove intended to go home Shen Meng star overnight, but reporters found halfway with the car, trying to hide something to turn around the Sheng Joe returned to her own home.

管理 / 2019-08-01

  Video dubbing vivid, obviously two of the video is no intimate contact, but so few pictures with the same feed, coupled with this explanation enraptured, users simply make up the brain of an underground romance drama.
  [Meng Sheng Qiao Xing Shen romance suspected exposure] soon boarded the first hot search.
  Both fans almost scared stunned, confused place into a look.
  FML?I am not made to go with a style a red carpet eat a meal?You did not hand this video, no hug, a direct stamp affair is not too much?
  Fans do not recognize, but users recognize ah.Originally the awards ceremony yesterday at the scene, Meng Xing Shen is to appease the screen is enough to clap and sexually desirable, and now coupled with a scrambled video, and do not believe the rationale?
  Soon after there are a lot broke the news pouring out, said the film “East Wind Breaks”, in the studio Meng Xing Shen as He Duisheng how good Joe, acting hand-holding, but not how other cooperation actresses have this treatment does?
  Where a long Bei Ming made the official rumor, denied rumors about.
  But now this troubled world, equal to fart official rumor, rumor today, tomorrow blew in the hearts of many users already eat melon