interrupt Ruanzhi Wu, Ruan Zhiwen thought, seems to be the case, concerned about the chaos, his family like a fox fine young girl, a young girl from hand to discuss the benefits of not many people can blanket!

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  They simply squatted in front of the yard waiting time, Nguyen rain slowly down from the mountain, only that her hand, carrying a furry gray rabbit weighs pheasant past there have been a nod.
  Although this is something no blood, but put in the hands, fleshy, slippery, a bit uncomfortable in the end, some rain Nguyen mind, thought, this evening snacks of meat, this your nose, all the way Di Liu back.
  See their own sister when Ruan Zhiwen and Ruan Zhiwu two finally relieved北京夜生活.
  Ruan Zhiwen three-step rushed to the front Ruan rain, looked up and down a lot, eager, “Little Sister, the man did not make things difficult for you, right?”
  ”No!Let brother brother worry!”Ruan rain shook his head, shoving the hands of furry gray rabbit and pheasant handed out, and said quietly,” Brother, you and help put the milk a pheasant and rabbit pack up, we eat meat at night, full of the kind of pipe.”
  Pheasant although thin, but also clean up more than a couple of pounds of meat, as furry gray rabbit, do not know from where did you get only rain, fertilizer outrageous, covered with fat, that covered the meat out turn not say, resting on the ground, four legs and some see it.
  To hear a tube full of meat, Ruanzhi Wu’s eyes light up, the fear before all forget the clean, high-spirited mood, “all to me!”
  Nguyen rain smi北京夜网ling encouragement, “I knew most powerful Big Brother!”
  Next Ruanzhi Wen blinked. “.”Oh, brother are furnished it??
  And other Ruanzhi Wu left, Ruan Zhiwen face stiff flew down, suspiciously, “that people are really not difficult for you?”
  ”I can not lie to you?”Ruan rain touched the pocket from the inside out five queen unity, forthright smoked two hands stuffed into Ruan Zhiwen,” I gave it to lead the way, earned you a man and a brother, and the rest I to keep