In the United States without a guardian 14-year-old Chinese student small airport repatriation (Figure)

管理 / 2018-05-04

  New York City Administration of Children's Services social worker licensed professional counselor Luo Shuhua 19th that mistreatment is about the quality of care given by guardians of children, child custody and guardianship of parents or others harm the child, not to provide the lowest in the economic and physical capabilities limit care, the child caught in an urgent crisis victims。
Specific include: not enough food, not providing appropriate clothing depending on the weather, poor sanitary conditions, lack of medical care, did not provide appropriate education for children is not appropriate discipline, let the child alone or with inappropriate caregivers get along If the child appears to be rejected, feeling shame, fear, threats or verbal severe discrimination, it is possible to belong to ignore emotional; abuse of drugs or alcohol can not control their level of behavior, excessive corporal punishment for children victims of domestic violence。   Luo Shuhua pointed out that if the children did not go to school five days, the parents did not have any explanation, the school will report Child Services Administration, the Administration of Children's Services within 24 hours will be door survey, visit the parties within 48 hours, within 60 days of the case do a formal decision。 Case, once established, will save the last child to the parents until the age of 28。
Four parents violations are classified as dangerous family。
As long as reasonably suspects that a child may be being abused or mistreated, anyone can report, doctors, nurses, school teachers or social workers and so have the obligation to report。   As students become more and more younger age, Luo Shuhua said that children under 18 must have a guardian, even if sent to boarding school, but also at school Monday to Friday。 Recently there have been a fly alone to 14-year-old Chinese student studying in the US, was found at the airport entry no guardian in the United States, contact the Children's Services Authority in the child's mother after the Chinese understand the situation, namely the student subsequently repatriated。
  For problems at home alone after teenage children, Luo Shuhua pointed out that New York state and federal regulations is not clear that a child can be left alone in the house's age, as parents have common sense。 No matter how old the child home alone, if nothing and no one to report, not to investigate the Children's Services Authority。
However, if the report was made, for example, neighbors heard the children crying for a long time, lived in the building during an emergency, Children's Services Authority will intervene, at the scene after the police and wait for ten minutes, if the parents have not come back, the child will It is temporarily away。 (Zhu Lei)。