one structure there, the leanest time than the two large orange Zhao Size.

管理 / 2019-07-28

  Fortunately, most people now prefer to wear do not see the cheese loaded stature, Zhao orange shirt to put on skirts fold fold carefully into the bar, but even more wearing thin, after all, her slim shoulders, that does not mean their clothes stays too wide.
  Wearing a skirt, orange shoes before Zhao naturally not suitable, so Mei 南宁桑拿Zhen let her wear a pair of the store to direct guests to take pictures with high heels make do.
  Wearing someone else’s meaning, orange Zhao also a little uncomfortable, but also can think about a month to get paid, Zhao had as their wear orange clothes, sleep at night can wear their own to become.
  深圳桑拿网No business morning when Zhao orange to take the initiative to do health work in the store, upstairs is dedicated to shoot artistic photos of some of the more exaggerated dress costume and the like are also hanging in the upstairs.
  Downstairs is living according hanging clothes black suit and cap plastic passport bouquet like may be used props, the gray rub rub, the shot beat the volume of the volume, before sitting at the counter watching a drift Mei Zhen beautiful bright sister juggle, and I just feel very seductive.
  Almost eleven in the morning when the store just to take away the life of young men and women according to a pair of turned around and ushered in the three meet together to take artistic photos of sisters.
  Mei Zhen do not drink the water, quickly stepped forward with a smile asked three specific What are the requirement杭州桑拿s to finalize the price after several photos with Zhang Zhao Orange took three people to change clothes in the attic, then bring Mei Zhen cosmetics upstairs, etc. after three Huanhaoyifu makeup can be directly upstairs.
  Through this busy, busy directly twelve, Mei Zhen off the three, look time is not late, just sat down behind the counter ready to take the landline phone set lunch, the results have not played opinions on First Mate to