管理 / 2019-07-29

  After hanging up the phone call Mei Zhen Zhao oran广州桑拿网ge to help themselves quickly back on the cheek, “I am a sister to help me introduce a single wedding, I have to get past albums to see the bride, not at noon in the store, and if I come back before someone to take pictures, you let him first give their names scheduled, and if do not want to forget it.”
  In the morning Mei Zhen also embarrassed to go out without makeup, and later to the toes, at the moment experiencing big business to go out, then remember another pretty quickly and natural makeup, that time can also be used as persuade the bride the same advantages child.
  Zhao orange put down just drank water, we came prepared to be a cry for Mei Zhen color of the foundation.
  ”I see you seem quite like to eat hot and sour mouth, while I pass by Third Sister Liu noodle point of time will help you a bowl of hot and sour powde杭州桑拿洗浴r, these days you first make do with eating, a busy two days I let the restaurant press meal delivery point.”
  Mei Zhen family has a job, she did not cook in the studio in happy, so at noon along with her own are eating out.
  Before the store has an apprentice when she is looking for a familiar restaurant, a knot agreed meal a month, then every day at noon to send two meals at night.
  But let the apprentice had gone Mei Zhen did not get a hotel temporarily, at the moment you want to restore, but also taking the time to personally come across her job.
  Zhao orange touches does not matter, then unpalatable lunch she had eaten.
  After off the Mei Zhen, Zhao orange nothing else, a good regular clothing store equipment props conspire camera is on a tripod.
  Now is not the last decade with the needs of the airbag pressure cameram上海夜网an hooded camera, but also a lot of money and more simple and convenient.
  Zhao orange felt very good to work here temporarily, so it is best to learn photography as soon as possible, but also avoid the occurrence of such Mei Zhen to go to the store today, no way to take p