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管理 / 2019-07-30

  Observed a long while facing the camera, behind the door came a knock at the door, orange Zhao thought it was a visitor came in and quickly put aside the gauze came out from the inside, but given a rise in the spot.
  The door stood Lin Jiancheng did not move, eyes will be looking at Zhao Orange.
  Seems confused with an air condensation, Zhao also now looking orange with pale stubble on his chin Qinghei Lin Jiancheng, he stood in the doorway, it seems more and more tall.
  In Lin Jiancheng view无锡夜网, white shirt Zhao orange face becomes more pale and delicate, wearing a red skirt of water, also set off her feet sticking out of the white people get to go to touch it, to determine whether or not with imagination as smooth.
  Last two fights in the dark kang, Lin Jiancheng also happens several times from the palm of 北京体验网her skirt at the press grazed spread, as has long been feeling the numerous aftertaste Lin Jiancheng.
  She left the village, really getting better, but also to find a job in such a short time, she left seemed to be better.
  I thought of this, Lin Jiancheng towering Adam’s apple slide up and down a bit, gradually furrowed brow.
  Zhao Orange finally recovered, this time she did not want to escape or avoid, but heels and walked out, his hands folded in front of him hanging naturally, “how do you come?Just got home last night?”
  It sounds as if the two were just friends know.
  Lin Jiancheng want to talk, ask her many times that echoed in my mind why this may be against Zhao Orange, he had asked not to export.
  Obviously, although the family has been her favorite, although so he got her word of praise can be left home, left him, Zhao广州桑拿网 orange able to live better, to be able to seek a better home with another better man.
  Lin Jiancheng lips moved, in the end still did not say anything exports.
  Zhao Orange see him standing there like a wooden stake like, neither angry nor questioned, it touches on so gradually that she has a gentle heart and sou