es and more, people’s thinking will produce tremendous change, make sure Zhao Caizhi we must strive.

管理 / 2019-08-02

  Xue Huahua her letter to Zhao Caizhi see, along with West and join in the fun stuff, the stuff fist, “Grandma, I have after the university entrance exam, my aunt said cyclists school a lot of people do.”Dongdong pointed to the letter written content bicycle to see the flower Xue Xue flower funny,” test to test, do you think talking about it on the line, your aunt university entrance exam, they saw how hard you are, you can not make an effort pass the test.”
  ”I’m sure try上海夜网ing to.”East continue to see the contents of the letter, see Lu Hongying said the school’s enough of subsidies, flower Xue asked,” Why do not return to give us enough of it?”
  ”To burn is your aunt, your father go to send shout.”
  Stuff immediately curl one’s lip, his mother wrote a letter like the old landlord binding深圳桑拿网s, long and boring, there is no focus, what school friends baths, toilets friends, Bala Bala can write two pages, thanks to his knowledge of few words, like his brother to know all the words, then just look at the letter will see the collapse, he straightened up, and Zhao Caizhi said, “mom, you have a good reading, and test a college try.”
  Zhao Caizhi funny, “university exam is not good, not light effort, talent is also very important, yes, you do not work today?”Fun stuff, several times the next day’s homework is written in the morning, they eat at the table, he was mad homework, do not ask the West, so go on, not to mention the university entrance exam, do not repeat even better of the.
  ”Write write, do not believe you asked my brother, I finished school, came back in the classroom.”Stuff does not like to go with Zhao Caizhi 广州桑拿网at school, are Zhaocai Zhi Zhao Caizhi go, and he left him, and he with them Xiaoming.
  Zhao Caizhi nodded to look West, West, “is finished and we have to come back.”
  Two days later, the letter Lu Dewen and Luming Wen followed up, agricultural professional Lum