yourself Useful.”

管理 / 2019-08-07

  The reason is not to big brother, big brother because it is too honest, to the front foot, back foot her mother and her milk will know, many people know, as苏州夜网k also more.
  Nguyen rain do not want to complicate things.
  Ruanzhi Wen looked at his arms stuffed with two new unity, dumbfounded, “Go take a united way there are five Queen??Zanba than go to work in the county higher wages??”
  ”Yes!”Nguyen rain contempt look to their own brother, the meaning of words,” B南宁桑拿rother, you are not to make, it does not mean I can not be earned!”
  He looked at his face injured Ruan Zhiwen appearance, Nguyen wire relentless rain, continue to make up a knife, “Yeah brother!A late if it is, then, he must earn more than I do!”
  Ruan Zhiwen one feel that they are the smartest one in the family, did not see BrotherAlways listen to his words, but since the young girl after a good, late one mixed doubles and Jiang, his self-confidence every day spent in such a tough battle in.
  Ruan Zhiwen had some frustration, watching the arms stuffed with great unity, eyes immediately lit up, had an idea, “the man to do what makes you live?Can I??In the name of the two of us are brothers and sisters, take me chant!”
  Nguyen rain eyes open big, refuse, “No you can not!”
  Ruan Zhiwen wronged, “has not started yet, you hold anything a苏州夜网gainst a brother!”
  Nguyen rain smiling said, “Brother, this is something I really can not say, but do not worry, after I made money, be sure you have copies!”
  ”There are parts of the river it late?”Ruanzhi Wen asked curious coincidence.
  Nguyen rain nodded seriously and said, “Yes, there are!A late I’m going to buy a house in the county!”Their house has to worry about his father, the late A house has to worry about her, so to Afghanistan late this violent temper back not marry her daughter, and that daughter Zhibuding day to see the face of the house, and Azerbaijan will be late live it well!
  Nguyen rain did not think she thought this, nothing like a sister,