o Shen Lu Jianxun to push forward, “he said, his head uncomfortable, you see if there is something, well, let Dr. Duan view it.”

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  Fan Liying not look down on him, on his toes back injured, the meat turned out, Fan Liying next calmly, “get rid of disinfection on the right.”If she was a lesbian Look, she can not properly clean up non-Lu Jianxun, it did not matter to what constitutes something, do not rescue people alive苏州夜网, dead tight ass with ah.
  Fan Liying aware of his dissatisfaction, not wondering why, she asked Luo Shen, “how uncomfortable a law?”Sounds mildly, and Lu Jianxun when talking are two completely tone, Lu Jianxun sensitive smell wrong, chattering, ‘Doctor segment, doctors segment, Luo brother uncomfortable, you give Laikankan南宁夜网a.’I waited a few seconds to see no one out, and said to himself, “It’s strange, is not shit go?”
  Table of cases reported Dr. Duan wrote: “.”I’m afraid Lu Jianxun do more horror assumptions, and quickly put aside his reading glasses and went out to his troops for decades, have not seen more than Lu Jianxun the best talent, to say the culture, Lu Jianxun have, for courage tactics, Lu Jianxun there , and many people optimistic about his.Well that, that melon head I do not know what the want, there are always people want to strangle him when.
  At the section of the doctor came out, took Luo Shen Lu Jianxun past, “he say comfortable, you give a look.”
  Luo Shen and his face white, black eye, Dr. Duan diagnosis are even free, waved, “should be too tired to exercise, go back to sleep a few hours just fine.”
  ”Really is the case.”北京风月会所Lu Jianxun grinned, urging Luo Shen hurry back to sleep a while,” lunch thing do not worry, I will let you leave the cafeteria.”Luo Shen stable personality, be regarded as the test of the top of the drill, too soon to rise again, and his words do not listen to the cafeteria, canteen or Luo Shen then willing to give him special treatment of.
  Luo Shen just feel bigger head, “Do not, I sleepMany years Zhao orange re