trospect it all seems unbelievable, why then himself heard these words suddenly began to cry.

管理 / 2019-08-09

  Zhao Orange cry went silently, tears rapidly converging dolphin tears, like pearly roll down until tears fell from his chin on the back of the hand, Zhao orange only to find himself crying.
  Zhao Orange see that he was crying, hold for a moment simply unable to control air, glanced at Lin Jiancheng through the hazy layer of tears, Lin Jiancheng been found in looking at himself.
  This is a disgrace thrown down in front of other people, Zhao orange altogether 破罐子破摔, on the corner of the desk aside a lie, crying out Wadeyisheng.
  Oh, incredible, simply flooding out of control, a start is to look at Lin苏州夜网 Jiancheng perplexing, mind any thoughts instantly all gone, leaving only “Why is she crying” This sentence.
  Zhao and other orange cried a little, Lin Jiancheng mind of this sentence has been “how to do she did not cry” to replace the.
  During the savory side to send over, Zhao found that male orange with a cry of a look, very strange, determined to persuade one or see a bustling, may simply not who ignores the presence of the two men she meant.
  Xiang Xiang hesitated a moment, or a step back to go back, of course, share the latest talk with people after the store back.
  Lin Jiancheng last only find a small towel from the table and then go quietly and handed Zhao Orange.
  Zhao faint orange crying mind, feel his hand is soft cloth, wipe his face go out into the hazy eyes.
  The results Cawan clear line of sight, under a towel to look angry and throw him Lin Jiancheng, “This is wiping tables rag ah fool!You are not called me yet face dirty and clean the table!”
  Lin Jiancheng too much injustice, and he knows where people washed cloth can also be so clean, but also with a bit of flavor children.
  But this hit a curse, actually reveals a share fam杭州桑拿iliar feel this is clearly not just Lin Jiancheng, Zhao also felt orange.
  Author has to say: I told you, if a situation usually does not