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Chapter 40
  The atmosphere between the two men began to pick up sunny.
  Lin Jiancheng see his face senseless forced to live catch rag, Zhao orange embarrassed, body side rubbed his eyes and looked away at top speed, Zhao orange snappily glared back at him, “what still standing?Over for dinner, and I went to wash your face, I just goes rag to wipe the dust!”
  Because the wiping action rude, coupled with the already severely wept, Zhao launched into a red orange eyes, stare back waist twist people’s actions with good-looking people get heart like a cat scratch, uncomfortable itching, wante杭州桑拿洗浴d to do something.
  Lin Jiancheng can be chosen to figure out in the end want to do.
  Of course, I figured out certainly not dry, so do not think of Lin Jiancheng.
  Coughed, the rag back into the small round table next to Zhao Lin Jiancheng sideways look over his orange into a small compartment behind, took a step, suddenly remembered what, Lin Jiancheng ears to hear, and she heard the sound of water, this relieved.
  Zhao afraid that he has an excuse to wash Sanmei ran away, I do not know that he also should not continue to find people.
  Zhao Lin Jiancheng orange do not know what to worry about, she is not the kind to run a second time people have to run.
  Before that in the village, although aware of Zhao Lin Jiancheng orange man should also look good, but there is no guarantee the other person know her thoughts after angry, after all, as the village this year of man, wife told him directly wanted to leave, that’s not tied on rope locked up is a good of the children.
  Is now on the outside, whenever Lin Jianche