ng idea want to show directly tied to her back, Zhao Orange will be able to escape in time, even if the use of force by his brute force to suppress lived as long as she is willing to exclude face, on the street outside the red shouted a voice call can come to the rescue.

管理 / 2019-08-11

  If the same situation may occur in the village, Zhao orange to exclude life to be impossible to get the sympathy of others with help, even with those who usually can not say more than affectionate relationship Lin Jiancheng.
  Somehow he wept, but Zhao orange mood relaxed a lot more杭州夜网 natural attitude, wiping his face drops all the way out to see Lin Jiancheng still standing, smiled and gave him a push, “and quickly sit down and eat , must face the lump, you say you eat it or b广州桑拿网orrow money plane with you, and so next time I received their wages, and then ask you a fancy meal, cooking the extent that point two.”
  Lin Jiancheng emotionally it’s very passive kind, this time Zhao orange natural attitude, he is also slightly relax some, though they do not laugh, you can still face a lot of gentle.
  Studio, only two tables, one was against the wall of a small round table, on which stood above what vases of plastic flowers, the only use is as a checkout counter.
  Desk facing the door, of course, is not good to sit outside the shop to go around, so Lin Jiancheng sitting position against the wall of the chair, Zhao orange pull the stool next to him from two fists, relying Zhuojiao eat sour spicy powder.
  Lin Jiancheng noodles side slightly when the eyes can see Zhao Orange eyelashes hanging small mouth small mouth sweet potato powder sucked into the mouth way, so-called sour powder, sour and spicy course, it did not have two Zhao mouth hot orange red, red lipstick than the most positive are still bright.
  Coupled with her eyes not yet subsided Honghen, Zhao orange now looks as if the whole person was severely bullied like.
  Lin Jiancheng think too ecstatic, did not notice a direct choked, the smell of urine thi