Singapore Chinatown 2188 will point the new year in local Chinese lanterns

管理 / 2018-05-10

BEIJING, Jan. 12, according to Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao" reported that in 2018 the Lunar New Year, Singapore Chinatown Chinatown lanterns will light up 2188, accompanied by Singapore's Chinese community together to meet the arrival of "dog years"。 The lighting design is responsible for the activities of the students is 10 Singapore University of Technology and Design, and an Assistant Professor。 And while more than 30 master from China, to make lanterns Singapore。
Pineapple shape lantern batch has been completed。
(Source: Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao" reporter Liang Kirin shooting) 2018 Chinese New Year, Chinatown Chinatown celebration theme is "seasonal flowers Chinatown Fu Ying Wang Ling dogs take years," there will be as many as 2000 lanterns illuminate the audience。 To the size of the dog-themed lanterns total of 88, of which 18 are dogs lantern simulation, the biggest 11-meter-high lanterns Year of the Dog。
In addition, there will be 400 Pineapple (on behalf of Wang to) lanterns, 90 oranges (on behalf of auspicious) lanterns, as well as 430 "busy" word lanterns。
Make lanterns and more than 30 master craftsmen are from China's Sichuan province, the Chinese have a reputation as a land of Zigong lantern。
A pedestrian who arrived in Singapore in December 22, 2017, started making more than 2,000 lanterns。 Head of Chinatown New Year lighting activities FORENSIC said: "The organizers of this year will be different colors, such as pink, green, orange and blue, showing the dog in different activities throughout the year, the dogs are also highlighted loyal human life partner, meaning peaceful coexistence, family reunions。 "Lantern making master Wangwen Hong (40 years old) said they were in August 2017 began to prepare these dogs lantern spirit production program, it has completed about 70%。
Among the many lanterns in the largest size dog spirit lantern making more difficult。
"This alone is 11 meters high lantern, weighing more than half a ton, production is also required half the time with two people。
Another nine meters high lantern large dog spirit, its shape is a 7 m high Daling dogs, carrying a 2 meters high Healer dog。
"The lighting ceremony will be held in local time on January 27, after which the Chinatown Chinatown for seven consecutive weeks immersed in the bright bright lighting until March 16。 Eu Tong Sen Street and New Bridge Road, South Bridge Road and bridge sections will be decorated garden, showing a festive atmosphere of jubilation。