s noodle shop’s spicy speculation, Lin Jiancheng the cough more uncomfortable, the people are buried lying on the table in front of the ground cough Chaqi.

管理 / 2019-08-12

  Zhao Orange shocked, quickly reaching down before the glass of water into his hand, the other hand to the vest when he shot, “how is it?Fast drink water, do not choke pepper into the trachea.”
  Feeling behind the photograph called gentle hand, Lin Jiancheng a hot head, raising his hand to his neck Yang quilt of water and drank it, snapped the Qing Xiang cup is on the table.
  Lin Jiancheng turned and put a hand Zhao orange hands clutched tightly into their own hands, “Did not you say in the letter I was a good man right?Then why did you go?Is not Where I did n杭州夜网论坛ot do a good job?Where two or Dashun shun make you unhappy?”
  The question finally asked exported, Lin Jiancheng red-hot ears, eyes may still be clinging tightly locked Zhao orange eyes.
  Orange Zhao did not expect him to suddenly so little, clutched the wrist is strong, the other arm muscles all stretched to the limit, so she also could not move the slightest.
  The other locked his eyes are too scorching hot, obviously this is a full of angry questioning, why she can hear it tremble so the apex.
  Is it not a good rest last night, who has begun fever?Low-grade fever or high fever?
  ”You, you put you first let go!”
  Has always been smart tongues are beginning to tie, Zhao orange felt afraid this menacing disease.
  ”Hold, I put you ran.”
  Paused, Lin Jiancheng just put out his thoughts, then said, “Last time you said you do 南宁夜生活网not like me, you are not want to talk about the city, like one of those love love love?If you want to talk about, you see how I like?”
  Zhao afraid orange flatly refused, Lin Jiancheng desperately hoping to increase their efforts to advantage, as they go up the goods, like with people, “What’s wrong if you think I might change 苏州夜网would be very difficult, but I will try.”
  Zhao orange how did not expect to actually wait until the Lin Jiancheng.