Uh, be it affection confession?

管理 / 2019-08-13

  He spent a hundred dollars to marry wife ran back, simmering gas finally found him, and then did not play did not call, but also confession, and said talk to her Shall We love love?
  Even he said that there are deficiencies willing to change?
  Zhao Orange feel that they are not ignorant mind – produced conjectured.
  Li南宁桑拿n Jiancheng on such characters would actually say such things?
  Zhao is still exceptionally clear orange eyes staring at the face of Lin Jiancheng, muttered: “Hey, you.?”OOC up?
  Zhao Lin Jiancheng that Orange is to find out the answer, nervously whole body taut, gripping the wrist of her hand not consciously tighten都市体验网ing force.
  Pain in the wrist Zhao orange answered a God, but it scared the back foot Yi Deng, the results did not sit tight ass, stools direct bang when the bang on the back and fell.
  Lin Jiancheng surprised, about to reach out and put back and sat down on the ground Zhao orange pull back.
  Zhao Orange threw herself into his arms, and knocked both of them to fall on the back of a chair, uttered a squeak Karma chair groan / Yin.
  They each looked into each other’s eyes, in Lin Jiancheng attracted to her for the sake of putting the past to rely on, orange Zhao suddenly Puchi smile, to hammer on his shoulder for a moment, then pulled away himself from his arms stood up, “I did not I think really there is such a thing happened.”
  She always thought of this episode are the idol of the artistic process, and if just two people and then北京夜网 just touch the mouth mouth, it really is a classic idea that the plot is a big classic.
  Lin Jiancheng do not understand what Zhao orange laughing, but just so many words have been said, it is the limit for him, at the moment we can only silently observe, analyze and then secretly in my heart.
  In any case, Zhao Orange willing to laugh is a good thing, it is not that she has touched on their own, then there may even consider some promise after?
  Lin Jiancheng Min Zhaochun not speak