, but this state also already familiar with Zhao Orange.

管理 / 2019-08-14

  Zhao Orange did not immediately say anything, just let Lin Jiancheng quickly greeted with noodles “and then tarry really not eat, do not waste food.”
  So both of them sat back, not near distance across the bow to suck their noodles / powder.
  And so finished, Zhao ora杭州桑拿nge put two bowls stacked it up to the corner of the door, while the smell will come to see the collection bowl, the way that we charge money Zhao orange bowl later point.
  ”I’m here to work, the boss is very good, work is not tired every day, three meals a day pack meals at night and sleep on top of the att北京SPA会所ic.”
  Zhao Orange simply to say that their current situation, and then asked what time Lin Jiancheng over.
  Every time two people together, obviously are orange as the dominant Zhao, Lin Jiancheng did not feel this way, what is wrong, but is conducive to even think that he observed other mood changes, and then to their own discretion on how to respond to changing.
  Now Zhao orange lead frank, Lin Jiancheng not hide, “we came to the last night, but the time has more than twelve, on the other side to find a hotel to stay in Station Road II.”
  Thought, Lin Jiancheng did not say how he came to find a way.
  Actually this is nothing happened, after all, responsible for sanitation workers are fixed several streets, with Zhao orange looks very overhangs, a skin that is also easy to compare city people.
  So Lin Jiancheng asked that the name of北京夜网 sanitation workers to Zhao aunt yesterday after guiding orange, get a clue this way monk.
  Looking over all the way along, with people occasionally ask, a kung fu yesterday afternoon, the studio of the street next to several store owners are aware of the beauty of the studio came up on a pretty dress very poor countryside beautiful girl.
  So Lin Jiancheng can be found here, it is not unexpected.
  Orange Zhao also thought of this, so this regard, she also did not continue to ask.
  Zhao Orange did not speak, Lin Ji