ancheng naturally a silent.

管理 / 2019-08-15

  Dropped his eyes looked at the ten fingers pull北京风月网ing themselves together, orange Zhao Lin Jiancheng lift eye looked out of the mouth or ask, “how Dashun along with two?Last night when you go to them, they fall asleep yet?You are not at home, in case they did not blow how do kerosene lamp?”
  Told a beginning, a piece made her uneasy fear to pour in, wait for them to kick back now put Lin Jiancheng fairy village, the two brothers have a good look at what the accident did not happen.
  Zhao Orange is such a question, Lin Jiancheng heart thumped, and is glad that they take the time to learn last night Zhao orange look, Shunzui explain a bit Dashun other lighting.
  So to answer the question Lin Jiancheng very emboldened, “Do not worry, I take the time to let other lighting Dashun, meal and go to bed early Shangkang.”
  He paused, quickly adds, “Dashun will have to cook alone, at home as well as those you are ready to eat, the two of them today is certainly not hungry.”
  Zhao orange is considered somewhat at ease, but there is only a little, he turned and took a small round table cloth, wiped his orange Zhao counter desk, “What time do you go back?How could they stay two light reassuring at home, do not北京会所体验网 say anything ill, that the two of them went out to play when the water fell in case the field has not been foundWould not it be dangerous?”
  Here ramble, Zhao Lin Jiancheng orange indispensable to cast a glance to complain, “I do not know how you are when this Qindie, it is then assured to stay two add up to no more than eight years of a child living alone in the house!”
  Lin Jiancheng have thought to explain, could also be Zhao orange stare, intuition and my heart can not say, can only nod honest mistake.
  Zhao Orange did not see him argue for himself, expressed some very serious corrections, the heart qi children along to see the man he felt ever more pleasing to the eye.
  ”Well, then you go back early, this time you can come back a few days?What