Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy are subject to judicial custody: Gaddafi allegedly received funding

管理 / 2018-05-11

  [Global Times special correspondent in France Yao Meng – Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, 20 am Libyan capital case was judicial custody。
According to Agence France-Presse and the "World News" reported that the French judicial authorities suspect Sarkozy sources of funding in the 2007 presidential election suspicious, and when he was suspected of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi about the。
Sarkozy had also because of this matter for questioning, but this is his first Libyan political contributions case under police interrogation。
  According to reports, Sarkozy was detained from 20 am on the Seine in Nanterre west of Paris Judicial Police, explained to the police on the case。 Gaddafi funded Sarkozy accepted the rumors for a long time, in April 2017, the French judicial authorities to initiate an investigation on charges of taking bribes involving active and passive, production and use of perjury, the crime of misappropriation of company assets, money laundering and complicity and concealment crime, etc.。 According to another report, a confidant of Sarkozy, former French Interior Minister Ott 20 fee is also talking to the police, but his personal freedom。   Sarkozy has denied the allegations。 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) 20 said Tuesday, Sarkozy was detained not meant to be indicted, he will be detained up to 48 hours for questioning French police。
He could appear in court, facing allegations of judicial。
It reported that Sarkozy involved in several cases。
In 2014, he was also because of campaign finance abuse of detainees interrogated 13 hours, which is the former president was detained on the event for the first time in French history。 In 2012, Sarkozy's re-election lost to Hollande。
His desire to run for president again in 2016, but did not receive the party's nomination。