The effectiveness of large chickpeas Eat chickpeas should master the method

管理 / 2018-05-17

As we all know, the kind of soy foods is very much, and different types of soy foods, they also play a role in the effectiveness of each are not the same, generally speaking, some people choose soy foods when its for this kind of effectiveness of the role of soy foods also need a lot of understanding, and chickpeas is one of them。
Chickpeas originated in the Middle East, since ancient times plays an important role in the diet of many countries。
There are many varieties of chickpea, different varieties of color and texture are different, chickpeas with "bean king" reputation。Chickpeas chickpeas as how to eat food can be eaten directly, or fried or cooked food; or make sweets, bean paste, etc.。
And green beans, chickpeas can be used as appetizers, soups and main dishes can also join in with a cold salad or soup tastes good in。Chickpeas also grilled food, and occasionally do not need to ferment the bread and pizza。Dry Chickpeas should be soaked before cooking 12?16 hours after immersion cooking 2?hour。
As with the pressure cooker, and cook for 20 soaked need?2 five minutes, not soaked need to cook 35?40 minutes。
Ripe fresh chickpeas dried chickpeas and hard, unlike other beans easy to crack when cooking。
Nutritional benefits chickpea per 100 grams of dried chickpeas cooked, the moisture 60%, protein containing grams grams of fat and carbohydrate grams, providing heat kJ。Folate chickpea, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, vitamin B1, also contains a certain amount of niacin, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, calcium and fibers。Chickpeas in the blood, calcium and so obvious, diabetes, high blood pressure in patients with the best food。
In addition, the recommendation is worth a try dishes: hummus, available for human consumption 10。[Materials] 550 g chickpeas, amount of salt, a garlic, 15 ml of olive oil, 45 g sesame paste, a suitable amount of chili powder, 60 ml of lemon juice, a suitable amount of black olives。
[Practice] 1.The chickpeas and rinse with running water, a good filter。2.Peeled and crushed garlic, talk。
3.The crushed chickpeas with a fork。4.The chick peas, garlic, lemon juice, salt and olive oil is made into a blender puree。
5.The soup into deep plate, with a spoon back Calibrating the surface, sprinkle red pepper, topped with a little olive oil, black olives accompanied decoration。
Common sense from the text of the presentation can be seen chickpea, chickpeas indeed a has a high food value and nutritional value of food in the clear after the effectiveness of the role of chickpeas, if you want by eating chickpeas and to achieve physical fitness effect, then, it is to eat chickpeas should be understood。