Three kinds of running form can not lose weight?(1)

管理 / 2018-05-20

  , Is a very effective campaign。Calories consumed per hour higher than swimming, jumping rope, playing badminton。Experts remind that, after all, running is an aerobic exercise can effectively burn calories, continued to run down, and pay attention to a balanced diet, you will generally have the effect of weight loss。
If you did not run right, it really possible to run even if further efforts are also thin down。
Among them, is the most important three errors are: too fast, straight after the break to finish, you eat something after the finish。
    Plan 1 Tianzao: coffee, apple。  Lunch: a small bowl of rice, fried potatoes, green pepper silk, raw cucumber, purple bud soup。  Night: boiled shrimp (a few only), burn tofu, salad of Health onions, celery buds。  Apple is the main day, because Apple has both a good sense of satiety, but also help digestion, Apple also rich in vitamins for the body detoxifies also a great help, so first-day diet of light weight loss program will proceed smoothly。
  Program Day 2 Breakfast: low-fat milk, small apples, whole wheat cheese sandwich; Lunch: rice embryo rice, mushrooms, tofu, beef, spinach, parsley carrot soup; dinner: tomato pasta, cabbage soup。  Cabbage high nutritional value, its greatest feature is rich in cellulose, can promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion and prevent constipation。
Choose to eat two meals a day cabbage, either boiled or fried in can achieve a good weight-loss results。If you ask for a "short time, effective fast" effect, also can be more jealous of cabbage, vinegar is also a weight-loss foods, which combine cabbage and its better weight-loss results。
  Program Day 3 Breakfast: stone fruit oatmeal, yogurt, fruit salad; Lunch: vegetarian dumplings, assorted egg drop soup; dinner: four-color fried rice, soup loofah hair。  Yogurt, yogurt transliteration, i.e. yogurt。
General management, said gelatinous yogurt yogurt, ice cream can be made into shape, are more fluidity called yogurt。
Yogurt is made from milk, can prevent osteoporosis, and converted to lactate, via the efficacy of lactic acid bacteria, more easily absorbed by the body。
In addition slimming effect of yogurt, can accelerate the peristalsis of the stomach, promote digestion and absorption, remove toxins in the blood, if it can increase appetite before dinner, after dinner eating can remove stomach fat, burn fat。
  Program Day 4 Breakfast: rice, sweet potatoes, dried meat floss tofu, hot water spinach, pears; Lunch: beef tomato risotto, mushrooms and cabbage soup; dinner: vegetable dry noodles, cucumber double mushroom soup。
  Cucumber contained alcohol acid, can inhibit carbohydrate into fat。In addition, cucumber cellulose exclude the promotion of human intestinal corruption substances as well as lower cholesterol have a certain effect, to keep fit。  Program Day 5 Breakfast: bread with your eggs, alfalfa sprouts salad, grapefruit half; Lunch: soup dumplings, cream sauce Dougan; Dinner: rice embryo rice, steamed chicken, burdock carrot soup。
  Fleshy roots of burdock is rich in nutrients。Regular consumption of burdock root oil scraping detoxification, lower cholesterol and blood sugar and other effects promote blood circulation, remove stomach ulcers and prevent premature aging of the human body, moisturize the skin, prevent stroke and high blood pressure,。  Program Day 6 Breakfast: stone fruit salad, baked potato, diluted orange juice; Lunch: fried rice peas, cabbage soup; dinner: Assorted fried rice noodles, soup color flowers。  Pho-based rice flour, less heat, the role of appropriate edible。  Program Day 7 Breakfast: seafood soup, guava; Lunch: Scallion Chicken, color green pepper, hot cabbage, seaweed soup; dinner: Hawaiian pizza, tomato mushroom soup。  Tomatoes are low in calories, it is rich in water and dietary fiber, not only makes it easier to have a sense of satiety, but also can promote the excretion of metabolic waste。